RS (February 21,1989 / Werthiem Germany)


Tell me something new
Just tell me something true...

You dance through lies like rain
no dropp ever touching you
and steam rising from your feet on the wet pavement.

Whisper to me -
just murmur all those lies again
and keep me going
keep me living
keep me breathing
-don't let go.

Look at me
behind the fake eyes-
dying moss that hides a dying soul.
Just dying to escape.
Dying to learn to live.

Twirl through all the knots again,
cut right to the heart -
and don't mind the blood left behind...

Your lips feel so right,
your arms holding tight.
But I just can't find the light.

I need an anchor to reality
because illusions run away with me
until all I know is never real - -
until all I see is death.

Keep me sane,
oh keep me under your flimsy umbrella.
Chase away those stinging drops that pierce right through the lies.
Don't let me wash away -
wash out -
colors fading from lack of life.

Trapped inside my own head
with voices that rip with cruelty no one knows -
who needs to tell me what I am?
When I can say it so much better.
So much truer.

Wisping wind that carries away all my thoughts
all my dreams
all my plans for yesterday, for tomorrow. For never.

Hold me tight.
Don't let me fade.

Waiting for the storms to pass.

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