I'm trapped inside this building

with no place to go

I'm sick of all the people

sick of immaturity.

I need to escape

and I can't get out

The walls are pushing me

more inside

the doors are telling me

get back to your room

I tried to talk back

but all I heard was 'Shhh'

I'm so tired

and so burnt out

I have no energy

all I can do is pout

All I can do is lay in bed

and hope that I will get rested

but I can't sleep, I can't dream

the energy I may have

slowly and slowly escapes

Help me out and set me free

out in the world

where I can be who I want to be

where I can sleep

where I can dream

There is no more immaturity

no more frustration and aggravation

so let me out

and let me free

by Mowie DeCorp

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Nice work, very truthful and heartfelt.