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Storms Of Life

Is your boat tied securely,
Or is it drifting with the tide?
If a storm comes while you're careless,
Will your compass yet confide? Drifting is so easy
When the sun is shining bright;
But sudden storms make rough the way,
Dark clouds obscure the light. God is still your harbor,
You may drop your anchor there;
Ask for help and guidance,
As a refuge you prepare. Know the sun is merely hidden,
Beyond clouds so thick and dark;
That the winds and seas obey him,
As each journey you embark. Set your compass to his promise,
As you sail out on the sea;
Then no matter what the outlook,
You will have tranquility. No gamble on the shifting tides
To guide your course aright;
But a power of Transcendence,
That is present day and night.

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