'Childhood Memories'

I use to sharpen the teacher's pencils
I erased the chalk from our classroom boards.
I always waited for you out at recess
by the swing sets or under a sliding board.

I carried your books for you to class
like any good friend would do.
But one day you forgot, of who I was
in that time that I knew of you.

My name is of no importance now
I'm a face you wouldn't even know.
But as children sharing cookies and milk
these are those Childhood Memories I hold.

Your desk was right in front of mine
I remember the smell, of your braided shampooed hair.
And when you were home, with some sickness unknown
I made sure to go sit in your chair.

I carved my initials in the top of your desk
and surrounded it with a heart.
Was hoping one day, while you were away
to give your initials their beginning, their start.

I was moved and never got my chance
to finish what was I had started.
But one day I hope, to send you this note
Telling you how sad, that are lives have parted.

Maybe you'll find, some memories of mine
in a moment you bring to thought.
Then you will see, what your memories have meant to me
in a childhood memory of me you lost.

by Linda Winchell

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