Stormy Seas

Mountains crumble, the earth will quake,
The watery depths of stormy sea,
Inner quarrels makes you shake,
And long for sweet serenity.

Rams and goats play tug of war,
Cows and bulls in full stampede,
Passion for living and zest for more,
Can lead your soul to greed.

Foxes chase while the rabbits run,
Whales dive deep and birds fly high,
Passion for work and passion for fun,
Can leave you feeling empty inside.

Impassioned lovers tangle as one,
A cow gives birth to newborn calf,
There's a time for everything under the sun,
A time to cry, a time to laugh.

Feel the surge of emotions rise,
Let it all come out,
Your spirit soars, your spirit flies,
You may even want to shout.

Don't hide your feelings from those who care,
Like mice who haven't any,
You will find that those who dare,
make their pleasures plenty.

by Glenn Grabbe

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