Stormy Weather?

Fire in jagged ribbons ripping groundward
With belated drumbeats echoes of past passage
Rushing to horizons obscured from view
Cascading torrents of icy stones that threaten broken bones
With river’d roads rushing past pensive habitants of homes
Until the sun at last breaks through that deep dark grey
That filled many with such fear as fire and brimstone brings
To those possessed of many things
This is what a dark mood brings even on the fairest day.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

Hope your skies are sunny now both outside and elsewhere....been lots of storms and thunder here, but today the clouds are blue, humid and hot and sunny too. Great poem David.......hugs to you...miss your poems and your comments and glad to see you're still, marci..xoxox
Awwwwww David....wishing you sunny skies soon! ! Hugs, Dee