Stormy Weather, Stormy Night

I don't feel love 4 you anymore
You are not my family or my friend
Nothing lasts 4ever
All good things must end

I tried to love you
But u drove me away
I know I am too blame as well
But I have nothing more to say

I don't have to fix
Your broken hearts
I have young children to raise
And they are the missing part

I'm no longer going to worry
About your misery and pain
There may be a chance
I will never see u again

But I have all I need
I have a good home
Though u are no longer a part of my life
I will never be alone

They're are people in my life
Who love me for who I am
I don't need your love
I am no longer a child I am a man

I don't feel the need
To be the chain that keeps us together
I don't need to shelter u
From the stormy weather

Besides u are too rapped up
In your misery and grief
U may think i am the manic one
But I no longer care about your beliefs

I don't care that u live in seclusion
I don't care if u live in a heartbreak hotel
I don't care if u think I'm to blame
For your child that was spawned in Hell

Go ahead and believe I am evil
Becoz I needed to get high
But everyone around u is stoned
So why don't u open your eyes

So why act surprised
When u find that I have an addiction
Did I shatter your trust in me
When I apologized and told u my confession

Well if all your dreams are shattered
Then u need to put the pieces together
If all u are gonna do is cry to the world
Then cry in your garden during the stormy weather

But if all the tears you shed
Somehow turn into rays of light
Shine your light on my soul
The soul u drove away one stormy night

by Mr. Poetic

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