SS (1994 / Ohio)

Story Of A Hypocite

You said you didn't want me
You left me for good
alone and abandonded
No one understood

One thing you said another you did
A hypocrite you were
You said you wouldn't leave me
And then you left me for her

You said you wanted to be friends
So I gave it a try
But then you said 'I love you'
yet it was just another lie

You said you were sorry
That your feelings for me were still there
So I forgave you
But little did I know that you honestly didn't care

I thought things were going good
But my interpretations were wrong
For you were still lying
and your actions continued long

Finally I realized your game
I told you to keep very far
No words or glances came from you
Because a hypocrite you are

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Stanzas 3 and 4 are really poignant. I mean, revealing and powerful.