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Story Of A Tear Drop

I am nothing more than a saline mixture of water. I have no home, I have no parents. I am not born from the union of two beings. I have a very short life. Yes but I am very powerful yet I can not move more than a few inches in my entire lifetime.

I take birth in the eyes of all living beings men women children and even animals.

I originate from the glands; little bags in the eyes of all living beings. No one knows how I am created, when do I vary in amount from a dropp to a stream.

I roll out of your eye and down your cheek often into your lips. At times I dry up on your face without rolling down even an inch.

Let me tell you a little secret. I have no feeling myself, but I am the result of all types of emotions.

I am very much like your brain which is the centre of feeling and emotion but itself is a painless man of tissue and nerves.

When you are happy your brain tells my glands and I am immediately born and emerge copiously from your eyes.

I do the same when you are sad.

Another very interesting fact about my life. Something that I am not so proud of, is that a lot of female species amongst you make use of me to achieve what you normally wouldn’t have been able to.

When I roll down a woman’s eyes without genuine emotion, I am very amused to set the effect on the men. They become powerless before me. Big strong and muscular men turn to rubber on seeing me.

Although I am no more than a saline dropp of water I am more powerful there the most powerful of men amongst you.

Anil Bajpai

by Anil Bajpai

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the poweer of emotion over the raw strength of man is a wonderful statement and shows no matter how big and strong physically that on the level of our minds we are just as weak or strong as anyone.A sort of even playing field.. MikeLongacre