Story Of My Life

I sit in my corner
with no light to see
blood pouring to the floor
tears running down my face
not knowing what to do

i will show you how i feel
with every cut on my wrist
i will write you a poem
telling you how much pain i am in

my thoughts are being rampaged
with thoughts of suicide
with memoriesof my childhood
screams and tears coming from no where

you don’t understand
all this pain and blood
all these things
that come into my life

you will never see
because my fear of you
you don’t see the real me
because i am afraid of what you’ll say
call me names, put me down
what am i suppose to say

now tell me
are you scared
to see the real me
cuts and marks on my arms
probably, right
but whatever
i am not going to show

every word that you say
stings like knives in my eyes
and when the tears run down my face
my mind goes away

to end this story of my life
i sit back in the corner
and let the rain
take away the tears and blood
trying not to close my eyes
for i know they won’t open
my life is being sucked
from every blood that drops
not fighting, my eyes close and
i let my life go away

by Katie Huntress

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