TCT (1992-? / Scott City, KA)

Story Of Two (Purposely Confusing)

A chthonic entity emerges from a lightly advanced culture
One of performing a thaumaturgy of things abnormal of its usual self
Its nescience of what slowly became incipient soon became its own hubris
This came in form of an epicenic tatterdemalion, in which curiousness of its arcanum had a ludic type feel, ultimately attracting the chthonic entity
And in the resulting of that entities fettle from the epicene
Came a tocsin of love yet once there was aplomb
Love came through the recondite of the lucky two’s puissant relations
The chthonic entity happy that its other was a gastronome of seldom silence
The one had an afflatus to never sunder, and to be ubiguitous for ever more
And once the epicene entity exhorted that languid recherché that the first entity was not used to
It made official, that their empyrean would be aborned together, and hoped to be eternal
Though with few trepidations, the two entities profusely embark on there multifarious
Hoping for no vicissitude, the two to this day by kismet, continue there salubrious relationship

(Copyright ©05/2008)

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