Story Of Water Molecules

story of water molecule!

I was ocean and I was in ocean,
When my own waves brought
me to surface, I was happy I got exposed..
And I was exposed to the fresh
air and fresh rays of broad

I stared gaining energy... each
molecule vibrated with and I too,
I was lifted up and up,
With friends and family together
raising in space..

We are cloud and I am cloud away my ocean!

Alas! , air stopped lifting us and
started swinging here and there
and billions and billions of us
were there enjoying together
our swing, jolting and moving
here and there, But the cool air drew our energy..
We came together as we become
poorer and poorer..
We formed a group and dropp and
falling together! Some fell on hot rocks and hot
land, quickly went up..
But some fell on grass and plants
got absorbed and trapped there,
some fell on land joined hands
and became steam, We called our
trapped friends to
join us, but they were settled
there and enjoying happiness
and sorrow, making their own
life, some were in trees and
plants, some were in men and
beasts, enjoying their life there.. We streams joined and became
rivers and rolling and falling in
eddies and vortoices,
we enjoyed rocks and falls... And
ocean completing a cycle.. But still most of our friends Were
back and there
enjoying their trapped life, some
are in organismsms, some in
lakes and ponds, some as mountain
ice! Oh we are molecule yet Not
differentiated in ocean! We are
neither happy nor feeling pain, Some us dived deep and felt safe
felt escaped the cycle... Some loved and felt bad of our
friends trapped, wanted to go to
call them back, remained on the
surface to go and warn them we
were oceans,
They were, sages, seers and prophets.. They knew they are free, yet
their love, and decide to be part
of eternal play..! We can now say,
we are that, I am that, this and that, but who is there to
listen we are all
ocean we are ocean! Or we are raising, or we are
in clouds or we in lakes and
ponds. Trapped or free, having a
duty towards us, towards others
and the Ocean! I am that, think about you and
feel yourself.... 'I am that '

by Ramdas Bhandarkar

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Ramdas Ji, you were introduced to me by your comment on The Budhist Barbie. I didn't left any comment on that poem and immediately switched over to your page. Watched the titles of your poems and opted to read this one. I was amazed and enchanted to read the complete philosophic description of a life cycle. I salute to your philosophic brain that created this work of art....................10