BR (April 15,1988 / Vermillion AB)

Story's End (Pt.1 Of 3)

These words won’t come easy, these words are lucky to fall at all.
In a time when she was diein’, I asked the lord above to save her soul
Pure at heart, she doesn’t deserve to die. I yelled at him.
Only with a promise, I’ll do as you ask. Nodding my head. I accepted.

Love this girl for all that she is, as she will run off this love.
So the spell has begun. Undone the sickness was gone.
Selfish was the boy, and wanted to give this girl all his love.
Forgetting that many others loved her too.

As she opened her eyes, her breath was taken away.
Glaring at the most beautiful flowers she’d ever seen.
Strength was returning back to her. Determined to see them.
She fought down deep to get off that hospital bed.

Hours would follow, as she laid with her teddy bear.
Basking in the smell of the flowers. Days pasted by they seemed so long.
Waiting to return to loving arms and loving eyes.
Focusing on the recover at hand. Determined to love again.

A boy and girl so in love. Fighting for one another.
Months started to past, life started to return to her beautiful body.
As I spoke to god for the last time. I said thank you with all my heart.
There was nothing. Not a whisper or crack that he was even listening.

My eyes fell across the room, and I saw that beautiful girl with a smile.
Right there and then. I knew that god did hear me that day.
As he blessed me with one special girl to love and hold.
As time went on, the boy …

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YOU NEED TO FINISH THIS POEM! ! ! ! ! ! i just read this and it made me cry, you have such a gift with words, This is an amazing poem,