Straddling The Sword

I will never be apart of a radical movement,
except for the one inside the soul
that pits the spirit against the ghost-

and I don't suppose I will ever live
in a country where I feel at home-
because I am young and restless.
Believer in duty and cause
while men fight on foreign soil
then return home to become hero’s-
there is no real selflessness left
in the world

What a shame to serve the god of self
for I am told:
there is no such thing as holy war,
only sticks and stones from heretics
who like to think so.

by Amberlee Carter

Comments (2)

last week an acquaitance told me to 'keep fighting the good fight' i'm not so certain i know what that is anymore. nice poem, Amberleeee. keep fightin...oh, nevermind. :) Jake
True Words.Good poem.Thank you.