AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Straddling The Sword

I will never be apart of a radical movement,
except for the one inside the soul
that pits the spirit against the ghost-

and I don't suppose I will ever live
in a country where I feel at home-
because I am young and restless.
Believer in duty and cause
while men fight on foreign soil
then return home to become hero’s-
there is no real selflessness left
in the world

What a shame to serve the god of self
for I am told:
there is no such thing as holy war,
only sticks and stones from heretics
who like to think so.

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last week an acquaitance told me to 'keep fighting the good fight' i'm not so certain i know what that is anymore. nice poem, Amberleeee. keep fightin...oh, nevermind. :) Jake
True Words.Good poem.Thank you.