Poem By Walker Hubert Enlow

When you listen to the tunes I've played
What kind of impression have I made
If you think I'm a bit off key,
I've missed a note or two,
Just cut them short or add a few
Just call it a Rhapsody,
A rhapsody in A, E, I, O or U
You may see my name
On the sign board in the Post Office saying
Reward for information leading
To the arrest of W.H.E., born in 1903
But you may never see my name
On the marquee or Hall of Fame
Or as a Grammy award winner
But who knows - They say
Whatever's to be will be
Some of these days you may see me
Down at a street corner at Broadway and Main
With my strad and a tin cup and cane
And a sign saying "Brother can you spare a dime?"

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I'M Teddy Bear Freddy - The Fiddler

I'll tune up my fiddle and
resin up my bow so
get your partners and do-si-do
Join hands and circle left

Bouquet Of Roses

I thought I'd send you a bouquet of roses
Or maybe some Easter posies
But since Easter has come and gone
And a new day has dawned