Straight The Gate

You're a good person, a ticket to heaven
The bible disputes this belief
Days of creation completed in seven
To you evolution is chief

You're a good person, you believe this will save
Hearts on this topic seem frozen
There is to be judgment for how we behave
Why many are called, not chosen

You're a good person, but the bible you shelf
Applauding yourself with ovation
You're your own idol, only listen to self
A substitute plan of salvation

You're a good person, yet resent those that preach
Then attempt to justify sin
With conviction in hand you look for a breach
In search of another way in

You're a good person, or so you've been told
But scripture will surely rebuff
Salvation is key so I have to be bold
Our goodness just isn't enough

You're a good person, but then Jesus was too
So tally the good that you've done
God turned from His Lamb so why wouldn't He you
The only way in is His Son

by S. I. Rednow

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