Strains, Pains And No Gains.

Early one morning I saw a boy crying he had no shoes
looked hungry and his cloths were dirty,
nothing new for an African child but something
made me look twice.On his shirt he had words printed
no pain no gain. That broke my heart knowing the boy,
even if he could read. I am sure he wouldn’t understand
what it really meant.

Words powerful, understanding everlasting.
I wonder how many things we carry around
without knowing the true implications.
How can we say life is just when we starve,
how do we hold on to morals when the people we
look up to don’t even know what we go through.
How can we not fight when the rich still feed off the poor?

That morning I saw strains on a boy not more than
8 years old, at a time he should still be in bed. That will
shoot pains through anyone in my shoes hoping one day
will also have a child.
To no gains thousands of people have fought and are still fighting for political,
spiritual, and financial freedom. I can only pray for future generations.

by Adeoye Olaneye

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Well said Adeoye. And oh so very true! ! ! ! Turn your pain to revolutinary words, and embellish us with them, so we may feel a deeper, true'er sight of it all. Kind regards, Fergus