Strait Jacket Feeling [suicidal Tendency]

You rescued me from my distress,
Found me abandoned, left alone in a mess.
I was deeply depressed,
Locked up inside surrounded by darkness.

I can't shake off this strait jacket feeling,
Don't know how to begin this process of healing.

My spirit has been stolen and shattered,
People walk all over me as if to them, I didn't matter.
I've fallen apart into tiny little pieces, heart is torn, self-esteem is low cuz I’ve been broken down.
Even when I’m down I couldn't rest one bit, got stomped upon, then kicked around til I no longer have strength to peep a sound.

Therefore I’ll restrain myself to this strait jacket feeling,
Don’t want to hold any angst towards the deepest, darkest
secrets that I may be revealing.

Don't know who to turn to as I went straight for my razor blade,
Shut my eyes as i take control and feel all my problems fade.
I have no one that I can trust or run to, it's just my blade and I.
Hopefully, someone can help save me before I drown in my puddle
of blood and slowly die.

[ I have so many friends with suicidal tendency. All I can do is love them and be there for them anyway possible. The last thing they need is to be put down or judged. Just CARE to LISTEN! ! ! ! Plz for those who are in the same situation, hang in there and have HOPE.]

by Tina Dang

Comments (2)

I really like that you took time to write about something like this. It shows a very caring side that I am sure many many people appreciate. Many times I have been in that situation and would love to hear words like that. It's a very appreciating poem.
Hello Tina, I am sure this poem of yours will be universally felt around the world by all victims of the forbidden feeling of suicide we have to deal with in one way or another. Excellent expression, no crit to offer. 10 from Tai, Thanking you for expressing my darkest fears and feelings for the people I love.