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Strange, Different But Admirable

Calling you strange, an understatement
saying different, factual statement
both may seem less admirable
but makes you look more admirable
which indeed tops your peculiarity.

Having a fragile heart
so delicate to get broken
looking so emotional
like a sentimental character
in a romantic novel.

The sight of you being sad
can make a Shakespearean Romeo
embark on an unimaginable task
just to prove his love
and make you his Juliet, merry.

Being in the world
but not of the world
sits not to be influenced
for you hate being influenced
by our corrupted and polluted society.

Possessing a tender voice
so sonorous, to make any idler
struggle to put you in a chat
for the satisfaction and comfort
of being spoken to by your voice.

Though you're kept company by family,
within you lies an inward loneliness
making you seek a true friend
capable of breaking that inward burden
of loneliness, trapped in your mind.

You're strange, different but admirable
strange, an understatement for you
different, turns out more factual
but admirable, that's what you are
which indeed tops your peculiarity.

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wonderful read, and brilliantly expressed i think top marks