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Strange Man

I walk alone beneath the midnight sky
Watching cars pass me by
Watching me from far away
A strange man I see everyday
I do not know his name or face
But I see him place after place
I do not move, and hope he doesn’t see
That there is no one here, just him and me
He makes his way over with a limp in his walk
I begin to wonder if he will talk
The strange man gets close, but I can’t see his face
There is no one near, not even a trace.
His had made a slow and awakening touch
Making my blood alarmingly rush
I yelled stop at the top of my lungs
But what happened next tied up my tongue
He did things that I can’t even explain
And how I wish I could forget this day
Today I stood and told them all
And they declared this nightmare completely false
The man that did this is still roaming around
Harassing innocent women and wearing our sorrow like a crown

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Whoa.....this poem is surely different for me to read. I will give you a 10 for it because you kept me reading on and on. Hugs, linda