NL (03-10-1993 / People's Republic of China)

Strange Meeting

Twas an ordinary day, the sky raining down upon
Those tears foretell, the events told hereon.

On this very fateful day,
Special, but ordinary in a way
For it was an outing of sorts,
But it was as outings went.

The hour dawned upon dinnertime,
We set forth for our meal,
At the diner’s we sat and waited,
And thereon the events unfolded.

Behold, twas beauty personified,
With the face of an angel,
Came thus toward, petrifying,
Setting a broken heart in flames.

Such was the beauty to behold,
No mortal shall lay eyes upon,
Such insolence within mankind,
To possess the daughter of a god.

For her eyes shone and sparkled,
A path toward Elysium,
If not atop the mountains shall you see,
Then down by the lake shall you behold.

Dinner was forgotten, this unworthy soul
Feeding upon mortal food gazing on
Such beauty and elegance on this earth
That none shall trespass upon.

Thus a plan hatched from forth the loins
Of a creative mind, he had to get her
This jewel proclaimed by the fate of the heavens
For this chance of a lifetime

Thus embarked our hero on his quest
To seek the precious goal.
Nerve-wrecked had to be calmed,
The tempest halted in its path.

The journey, painstakingly wrought with danger,
The ship on the verge of ruin,
Then the island in sight,
Faltered and stumbled to disrepair.

The heart fell to wreck, beyond
Any visible repair or salvage.
Ne’er shall such a sight behold,
On this derisory orb.

Those telling may not be just,
And they shall never know
The soul crumbling to dust,
The heart frosty as snow.

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