Strange Style Of Functioning Of National Government!

Politics and media play a big role in the function of democracy;
Right to individual speech and expression in all forms is effective;
More than doing duty to make achievements, talks take lion's share;
Many developmental matters are lying in pending for decades together!

Laying of new roads and railway lines for connecting places are nil;
Due to non-developmental governments, business and economy are zero
Turning many places as just tourist spots of a nation sans attraction;
Being state affairs are so, how can standard of social life improve?

All matters indicate that the fault lies in corruption at the cost of
All works lying on back-burner due to lazy function of bureaucracy
Everything being manipulated by gullible talks of political icons
National government pull on the days filling their own pockets only!

Consequently, rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer day by day
Fooling the people and compensating losses by new, new taxes forever!

by Ramesh T A

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A very perceptive write that bites on the flaws of politics. I agree with the last stanza that the disparity between the rich and the poor is becoming wider and wider. A great piece.10