Stranger In The Mirror

I saw a stranger in a mirror
That I wasn't looking at
From the corner of my eye
I didn't know I looked like that.

It wasn't in the big tall mirror
Standing in the corner there
But small and hidden on a nightstand
Rarely used, that caused the scare.

I recognized the stubbled chin
And even the receding hair
But how and when'd the goozle happen
that's the thing that caused the stare.

A little bit of extra flesh
Hanging down below my chin
And was that there an extra tire
Where once I thought was firm and thin?

I've seen myself in hallway mirrors
Full length on and looked the same
But that one simple passing glance
Had me questioning my name.

I'm not so sure I want to see
The rest that mirror has to show
That parts of me are growing older
I'm just not sure I want to know.

But if I look and really notice
I'm not surprised to see how thin
And spotted that my hands are looking
Transparent, scarred and dusty skin.

Reminding me, that mirror is
Of little aches and pains I get
When breaking to the basket's slower
And causing me to feel regret.

I used to never ever tire
But now It seems I have to rest
That mirror sure has brought me something
Of a confidential test.

Can I run and hike the hills
Can I play and still compete
Or do I need to slow it down
And rest my tired and aching feet?


by martin elbin

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