Stranger On The Burning Street

Poem By Sagar Shelar

Life is not easy
as my mother told me
Life is not too difficult
as my teacher taught me.
As i grown - up
I saw so many colours of life
so many shades of life.
Brighter side made me blind
Darken side stole my dreams.
All people looked at me
as they didn't know me
They called me mad
Cause my poems were sad.
So many sorrows and pleasures touched my life
As mother kissed new born baby's eyes.
I tried to understand life
but i failed to do
I only understand before i go
I'm stranger on the burning street.

Comments about Stranger On The Burning Street

great poem with a wonderful philosophical meaning. I love it very much
A really fantastic poem, really liked it. A really great write.

5,0 out of 5
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