NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Stranger's Shadows

The second self
sleeks on the wall,
Skinless limbs
sway like branches.
The lack of light
swoons a hazy tune.
There is jazz like
dancing under the
glitter- ball moon.
Black fingers loom
closer, fat rounded
form feeling for its
host. The nape of
the neck withdraws
Souless shapes
strain to touch.
Which one to recoil
from, the seen or
the unseen.
Stillness, silence
Soft vibrating tones
a little from my ear.
Moonlight reflecting
eyes, mocking my fear.
The cat curses as the
clouds come.
I smile-
As my shadow
stares back with
icy indifference.

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one of those difficult poems one has to sit down for some time to get to their bones.