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Has the passing time been this long since we've spoken last?
Three years seems like a trivial frame of time. A time where you
grow and change. A time when emotions have grown or fallen.
It's a time when a decision is made, a heart breaks in two,
and when someone realizes the way they feel for you.

I thought our growth would have been for the better. It seems
through the rain is when it matters you're a stranger. A
stranger from my heart, a stranger of my soul, a
stranger in my friendship, and a stranger in my life.

You became a stranger of my heart when we fell apart.
No longer did we speak, no longer did either care.
Your last words filled me with hope. Instead my heart
fell down like tears.

You became a stranger of my soul when you pierced a
knife through it. Shattering any life of us knowing
each other in the future, talking in the future, being
together in the future. My soul became dark for
awhile, a black hole for my heart. Anger filled my
soul, deceit filled my eyes, and all the hope I held
was crushed by your lies.

The stranger in my friendship is someone I thought
I knew. You proved me wrong and should me the
real, uncensored you. In between you and others I
was shoved, being forced to choose you or have
a friendship lost. Your ugliness and hate formed the
stranger I'm aware of the evil hyenia I no longer need
to know.

These are three strangers rolled into one. For across
the ocean blue it would be terrible to have them as
seperate ones. As the sun sets and the stranger
in me disappears, I realize what my life was missing
and why I need to release the stranger in me.

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