AB (March 10,1920 / Asmara, Eritrea)

Strangers Are Strange

‘The world is so messed up
that I’m afraid
it won't be long
before it turns red
(like Mars)
and becomes
nothing but just another ugly
lifeless sphere
in the universe.
But then, you won’t have to worry
and have sleepless nights in your bed.
By the time all this happens
you will be long dead.’
I said all this to the man
sat next to me
on the long journey
to my village.

He looked at me and said,
'Madam are you a pessimist?
I don’t really like what
I have just heard.
Try to say something pleasant
or don’t say a word.'


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Comments (4)

Lol. Balance. Nice of him to be so honest. Very good poem.
This poem like all your poems has both humor and spirituality combined, thank you for that.
I thought this was a great poem of mutterings. It was interesting and funny at the same time. I liked this a lot. Love Gyp's
There are those who don't want to know about global warming but the evidence for it is now overwhelming, and we should all be very concerned. This is a good poem that says it all with commendable economy. Good write!