Strangers In The Hall

I don’t know what I saw in you
Or why you are all I pursue

Acting as my personal emcee
It could have been how you looked at me

Those eyes that scorched my mind, tearing all I thought I knew in two
Or how you made me not able to stop thing of you

I sleep and I swear you’re there
Talking to me,
Listening to me with care

All I know for sure,
I couldn’t stop thinking of you or seeing your face unobscured

I don’t even know you
And you don’t know my silhouette

We walk past in the halls rejected
Just two people, unconnected

A little stare there
A quick glance here

But, who are you and who am I?
Why do I wish to know so much more about you in reply?

How you talk to people worried
If you listen to the wind
And what you see in the world

But, more than anything I dread,
Why can’t I get you out of my head?

by Corey Mason

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