IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Strangers No Longer For My Lady Irene

A stranger is a friend you have not met
Do not be too quick to forget,
that you and I were strangers too.

Though when we met we quickly knew
this was the start of something new.
We have no reason to regret.

The many times we could have met,
But it was not the right time yet.
The time and place I would meet you

Had been decreed by Fate who knew.
You needed me, I needed you.
Though we were strangers still as yet.

Though not for long once we had met.
We still had heartaches to forget.
You trusted me, I trusted you.

It seemed somehow that we both knew,
that we had been intended to
each help the other to forget.

We had been hurt, betrayed, upset
and bitter memories lingered yet
of partners who had proved untrue.

This was our chance to start anew.
I was quite sure and so were you.
This was what we were meant to get.

We were alone before we met
Quite certain that we not get
another love who would be true.

But we were forced to change our view
when you found me and I found you.
Life is as good as it can get


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Ahh, you found your new love and she is true Fate introduced the both of you Now you know this love will last Time to forget - about the past! ! *10*! ! Very good write Ivor! Friend Thad