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Poem By Lynn samantha

Here is life
Once no gain
It’s hard enough
To get rid of the pain
Beating breath once more
To death its life its going bye quit
Fast worlds going round life’s going to
Drown and tears it’s just to much to take for
Life is ready healing its teddy its hard enough to
Take lust for trust gone out of style trust is gone a mile
Feelings have already escaped from the breeze we haven’t
Taken for the addictive life's death to lies we’ve over come
Splendid time we haven’t shared its world we couldn’t
Care to be life’s lesson out and worlds we couldn’t
Doubt for one second we tried to live the lies
We over bid times running out for lies
We haven’t shouted life’s lesson for
Truth and would we absolute
Need this world after
All its time we all
Along just

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u write that poem in stream of consciousness like Faulkner and the comments below merely can quip that they are impressed that you made an etch a sketch of the words? ? F@$@O&#) (^%_(@#%^+_*#+^*@#*_@(+^(^(@(*! _**__$%($&^_) _@*! And that's what i think of that. Your stream of consciousness was sincere, and the lines begin with 'here is Life, once no gain, hard enough to get rid of the pain' that is solid.
I love that design lol.
It's great the way your lines go in a shape. I had to do that once at school but I couldn't do it. I have my own style. I know that my poems are sometimes sort of long but take a look at the one called the bully by-stander. I'd really like to know what you think. Thanks.