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Strangling Watch He Re-Arranges
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Strangling Watch He Re-Arranges

Poem By David Lacey

How long will it last, this happiness I'm feeling?
Long enough for me to shed the skin I'm peeling?

Slow baked beneath the golden yoke of summers ego
Lay the sanctuary of winter’s snow.
Lies asylum for those that know, for those who seek
The glow of the forest trail, who await the girl named Guess to show.

Always to try, always to fail, whether it be upon the
Astral plain or it be digging in dirt for the glow worm
Awaiting an excuse.

Watch him squirm, watch him change,
Strangling watch he re-arranges
Deranged within debauchery,
Whilst accusations of sorcery made him laugh,
Made him cry, If only he had the time to pass he said as he whimpered
His last sigh, as he kissed the sky goodnight, mourning the death of
Memory, the death of the sun he would never again have kiss his cheek

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