IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


He was a military man
who waxed the ends of his moustache
A man must look the best he can.
He thought it added real panache.

He always kept his hair quite short,
his lantern jaw shaved to the bone.
But his moustache or so he thought
was at its best when left alone.

It was his greatest pride and joy
It added something to his face.
He thought the ladies might enjoy.
With every whisker kept in place.

With moustache wax freshly applied
and just a hint of fine cologne.
He was completely satisfied
with what he tried and what he’d done.

The ladies did not seem to care.
About his well dressed upper lip
It seemed they would prefer it bare
for all his clever showman ship

Clean shaven men were all the rage.
The fair sex had the final say
So he shaved off his appendage.
The ladies always get their way.

A soldier knows when to retreat
and make a change to his campaign.
More preferable than face defeat.
it will always grow again.

When fashions change as fashions do.
He is a military man
But he can change his point of view
as quickly as the ladies can.

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Why try to cultivate it on your face when it grows wild around yer ass! Nice one Ivor... SID.