Poem Hunter
Stream Of Time
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

Stream Of Time

Neither cackle nor clamor
can break the tranquility
The mind here placid
despite aural cacophony
In this solipsistic trance
of Sisyphean soliloquies,
the enumeration of realizations
brings ossified ubiquities
The subsistence of respite
gives penetrative vitality
requisite to whorled streams
of notions and dreams
This encapsulation is designation
to both elucidate and obfuscate
both pretense and subsequence
In an absence of morality
the pioneer treks vacancy
nothing to pine for
nothing to fight for
all inequity becomes history
all passion not kept company
The favonian state ripples
out to the reaches of being
Have I become time?
Or simply reticent interstice?


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what a way of words you have - precious