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Street Of Love
JP JOE POEWHIT (Scratches on the page, making noise. / New York City)

Street Of Love

How many stories unfold?

Many just never told.

Some are just too bold.

Yet, love can be cold.

There is a love of gold.

Again, just someone to hold.

Everyone has their stories.

STREET of LOVE - never ending glory.

5/25/2012 - POEWHIT


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never ending glory to be born and washed away by time. not every love has a hook to catch or be caught. in ways when I find someone beautiful, for the moment I m in heaven. I hope it is never ending until I die.
No end to love stories of varying kinds.Some ends in longing, some in consumption and some in tragedy.
You sold me, love the never ending story...regards
I was too bold in my poem Big Other but got away with it with 6 dots.
An intriguing poem, Joe.
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