Street Painting Festival

Street Painting Festival was a great success,

painted mermaid scene at castle I did express,

that Melodie’s birthday party ended swell,

Razel was hiding in scene

no one could tell.

Tons of people passing by,

sun shining brightly in the sky.

My back and shoulders did get burned,

spray sunscreen every 90 min. hrs I did learn,

friends brought me water for concerned.

All in all the festival was great,

many guys, but no soul mate.

Except Italian guy with tattooed arms,

annoyed me to death but meant no harm.

He stood by me and talked and talked,

as I painted scene with colored chalk.

Coloring books I gave out some for free,

others sold at Stuart Rooney’s

Import store on table by door.

All in all the show was great,

Next year I can’t wait,

For I will paint

a totally different scene,

ventriloquist doll on my knee.

Razel puppet on hand

making fun of every human.

Written by Christina Sunrise March 3,2011

by Christina Sunrise

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