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Streets Of Life.
CS (24th -5th dec -jan 1789 / Planet Mars)

Streets Of Life.

The day is breaking,
she's barely waking,
didn't she hear the birds singing?

The bees over the wild flowers,
humming not bothering,
you wonder, did they plant these flowers?

The birds in the streets,
gathered over fallen grain,
which never found them in their nests,
happy and on and on the game of life is all
they are playing.

no matter who you Mr. Yoweri Kagutta Museveni,
head bold, with a bullying role,
whats your story? The longtest he's saying.

The un-written code of following strategy
talking talking and learning learning from people
working hard, resting but not sleeping,
lest you wake up and you're 27 and
all but on the wrong rout.

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We can learn so much from the streets of life. Thanks for sharing my friend.