The Amethyst

Time explicit and fain around,
Milieu stiffed, leaves fall down
Scene senses elf so tranquil,
Sprites revolve colossal ground.
Scarlet autumn sun so bright,
And, light Bardolino land-shade, ‘f eve,
Emerald cloud, woods giant-high and might,
Nature naturism is so beauty, that
Mournful breeze would yearn to leave.
Concoct this- sense and thoughts ‘f her,
What raiment to kernel soul is-,
Prodigious brain as ‘f and for you,
Nohow I know to hold my breath
In search ‘f thee O' Miss ‘t kept aflew,
Here this vision, sotto voce air phew said-
‘T is thee my eyes fore laid.
Lost the real when ‘t comes to you,
In the virtual sketch now I ‘m
Drawing thee in the hazel airy stream,
Painting my Peri in the blue- all anew.

So samite so Sloane, O' morning dame,
And young and sound and sane,
Dulcet lips so curls Stygian prize
Pen as light- thy gelid face eulogize;
Amethyst the heart red so violet
Rate the blood in the raw - we met;
Pounding, throbbing cloud nine
Silken-Silhouette in light low shade
-Out and out glom sense ‘f mine.
Thy au naturel shoeless touch
Rosy flavour ‘n blushful mist has all so much,
On the magisterial blue-gray bed ‘f sky
Like a cuddling soft jaybird fly.
No ken ‘f men or tellurian
Odd mind ‘f none can suss thy shrine presence;
Thy Love- O' lady is a sacred pour
Thy lucid love is so ichor,
Award the pax yet - so samey,
And a solicit embalm for ages I live or had
W'th pace encyst et corset my bosom ahead.

Relic the souls for clock and carve, as bliss,
The convivial fortuity ‘f love on
Capstones and brows and on ocean's abyss,
Figures us shield and scabbard's sword,
Into the oceanic flood or in the shedding ‘f blood,
Live and die so the world ‘f word.
To remember the fairy-tale be foretold,
Pass the letter ‘f peace to hold, and
Maketh our love paean still in tranquil
Till the world ‘f worlds rest and lie;

Of thee capricious became I pray
Blithe roses chant the day;
Lidless nights left me abandoned awake
Dive and rise in a fabled lake,
Show Marcel kiss- curl low,
Brace the curve slow and slow.
Close so close to raise the rhythmic beat
Shut and lock o'clock's fleet,
Lips so Rose so joyful Daisy face,
No jewel no pearl adorn the grace.
Eyes blink and wink alar,
No blood ‘f flow is so pure-so pure,
No notion can be so allure
Cariad mine- the world's your.
Felt I Frabjous; O' Pavonine belle,
Leal self, the apple ‘f one's eye;
I mustn't boast, but concern thee as my.

Loved years lad and lady,
Doth collude, both, I and bride
Surge and merge in as
Sculptures to the centuries pride;
Die gratia Venus, we had our time.
But ludicrous grudge and enmity
Men's land became for
The dove-pearled love hath enraged the war;
Fraud's play, jealousy figured at rhyme
Fought and wrought and,
Deceits the time- now hold the reign;
In Benedictine's habit the
Tertium quid ‘t abode,
Us two-hander amour
Fell polar-opposites, that hold no bridle road;
Clocks and days solus passed,
In the letters forgotten we held engrossed.
No clause no column my words that had,
Solitude spread and solitude spread.

Vigil moon and sun eke-
Dout and dwindle all the fame,
For winds smell water tastes a vain
And seek our love langsyne
As wading rail
And a first blush rain.

Kanpur, India

-Rishabh Mishra


by Rishabh Mishra

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