(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Strength In Leadership

Strength in leadership,
And commitment to rhetoric...
As the dollar value slips.
Leaving harder times to come and exist!
Has nothing to do with who has image.
That ego massaged has caused this rift!
Creating an estrangement of realities.

People have had it and are getting sick.
Hidden corruption and blatant greed...
Has only delivered a few this bliss.
And those who have been against this ssshhh...

Does not make a difference.
Sacrifices influenced and made,
Today has taken savings of money away.
Strength in leadership has camouflaged to hide...
A catastrophe that avalanches to bleed an economy dry!
And a lack of confidence,
No matter who now lies to convince this mindlessness.

Even if wished...
We can not rid ourselves of none of these conflicts!
'WHY? '
Some ask as if to be answered.
As if a strength in leadership...
Will cure their ailments and other illnesses quick.
When they who raised these questions...
Praising those crazed.
Welcomed all it!
And ignored nonconformists who resisted,
The actions of these defective movements.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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