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Stress sits up
And keeps me company
At night
When bedroom eyes
Seek solace
Even from their own
Its knotted rope
Around my chest
Grows upwards
Into heavy vines of
Ivoried worry
Buds of sprouting doubts
Blooming poisons
Become a noose of fear
Around my throat
Thoughts begin to bounce
Off each other
Jumpy pictures collected
And mantled
Into a series of snapshots
That race to keep pace
With my heart
Simplicity simply does not exists
When 4 a.m. dawns on you
And there ain’t a damn thing
You can do
So I sit
Light a cigarette
Head and heart heavy
And I’m feeling like shit
Pick up this pen
Scribble some thoughts
Run over the endless lists
Of have to’s
Need to’s
And wants
Feel my fingers curl
Into arthritic fists
Knuckles white
Numb at the fingertips
I open my eyes
And it comes in sighs-
Gulps of airs
Loving and extended
Like my mothers arms
When she would spin my memories
Into a kaleidoscope of happiness
Warm inviting scents of summer
Mixed with the taste of her love
And right there-
In the stillness
And release of that exhale
Perfection and reason
Almost exists
Stress exits
Our conversation to commence
Another time

by Lyndsey Grant

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