Stress consumed him completely
He became a nervous wreck
Losing weight and his good looks
His hair grayed prematurely
His arteries hardened before time
Everyone noticed the slow changes

But he insisted that he was fine
All medication he stoutly refused
His mind and body he just abused
Till one fine day he had a coronary
He could no longer take the decisions
His family had him admitted to hospital

But before the doctors could see him
In the ambulance, a stranger greeted him
It was none other than Saint Peter
He asked the semi-conscious man
If he was prepared to meet his maker
Or did he seek another chance on earth

The terrified man begged to stay back
To which Saint Peter reluctantly agreed
Provided that he lived a more regulated life
By resting his body and his mind regularly
He also needed to plan his work and time
As procrastination led to missing deadlines

In a split second Saint Peter had vanished
And a Medico was peering into his eyes
Immediate surgery was recommended
He acquiesced and it was successful
Now back home he is a different man
It is goodbye stress as he works with a plan

by Sandra Martyres

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