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Striking Out

Striking Out

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Sunday, May 2,2010, @5: 53 AM

I wonder what's going through her head

Standing there winding like she's having sex in bed

Does she have a worthier profession instead?

She has bills and parents that must be fed

I wonder what is going through her mind

Gainful employment she cannot readily find

She says life to her has been truly unkind

So she makes all her ends from her behind

Casing the clubs at night is her plan

Every night she's on the hunt for a man

Tonight she'll try to get her wish

Lucky she is for she caught a fish

A foreigner in Thailand on holiday

He must have money to travel all this way

If she plays her cards right just maybe

Tonight she will be his lady

Dress to impress she's in all black

The lioness lying poised to attack

She smiles and he smiles back

Aiming truly to end up in his sac

Essence she wears of lavender and Lilac

This 747 she's going to hijack

Making sure that he won't ride bareback

She is pro for she has got the knack

Slowly she approaches swaying her hips

From his wine glass, he takes small sips

She says what does a girl have to do get a drink

He pauses, looks at her, and starts to think

Say her "My name is Kelly, what's yours? "

He kicks back and checks out her contours

Of my room, I can give you a private tour

Many places in there for you to explore

He turns and starts to laugh

If only you knew the half

I am sorry baby, but not today

Striking out she did for that man was gay

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