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Strings (8th July 2006)
SCS (17th August 1988 / Solihull)

Strings (8th July 2006)

Poem By Sarah Capella Smith

A pink ribbon
Around the neck
Of a cake.
But I cannot eat it -

It is too lavish!
The lips
Run deep with secrets.
A block of soap

How long
Has that been there? I guess
We will never know.
The exposure would
Kill me.

My flesh tingles.
I pull
A weak smile
And tinge.
“I just want to slip away”

Enough love.
Of temptation cower me…and I
To be a string in the net.

Give me
My space; I need to
Breathe. In the far distance -
Red -
The sun melts upon my dreams.

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Very impresive, keep up the great work!