Strings Of Heart...

I turn around,
And see it depart,
I’m a little sad, but to think
I knew it from the start.
And I remember,
Those many things I vowed to do,
Those many things that got lost,
In the shadows of the past.

But I remember,
Those smiles that I caused,
And laughter that wasn’t false,
Those notes that departed,
From the strings of my heart.

I look ahead now,
Forgetting all the past,
For a new silver start,
To the life left in side me.
Just to know,
I can find those ones I lost,
Whether its heat or frost,
And bring love back again to all..

And I pray,
To new day that dawns,
To bring happiness again,
Through the music that departs
From those STRINGS OF MY HEART! ! !


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