1st tone..

is all i'm waiting for
having you is not an option
i like you
i want you
i need you
now that i have this chance
i dont want to let go..

2nd tone..

silence fill the air, Mostly
your echo is resounding, Purely
nonetheless, is this it, Really
time is freezing, yet we're moving

3rd tone..

im not sure with this
but i really wanna try
leaving no stone unturned
feeling good
having no wry

why am i doing this
i know the reasons
you should know too
it makes me elated
high and excited

a blissful moment...

4th tone..

im not perfect, no one is
im done wanting, and searching ceased
looking at you is enough
smooth & rough, firm and tough

having you, a dream come true
radiantly shining through
casting away
my grey sky turns blue

funny im thinking of you
reality hurts
reality is you


by Duard Cabral

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Comments (2)

Strip tease, what an interesting poem
just the kind of piece that turns society in general off from exploring the world poetry...would there be a finer example?