(1912 - 1990 / Nepal)


To keep in step one must keep up
With dances of the day
Just when you think you’re all caught up
A new dance is on display

Here are some dances, to name a few
They’ve been around awhile
Some are old and some are new
But they all have their own style

The Jitterbug when Swing was in
Let’s not forget the Tango
The Cha Cha and the Charleston
Remember The Fandango?

Don’t forget the Hustle
And the old old Minuet
Danced while wearing bustles
Old dances we shan’t forget

The high kicking of the Can Can
Was such a sexy dance
Can’t imagine any man
Not enjoying that sexy prance

Remember the Flamenco
Brought in from sunny Spain
Along with the Bolero
Whose beat was so insane

The Stomp and The Cake Walk
With their pleasant kinds of beats
Could make all watchers gawk
As the bands turned on their heat

Chubby Checkers with his twist
And all the Belly Dancing
There’s such a long long list
Of dances for romancing

With cowboy boots and hats
A long time dancing craze
Line Dancing’s for cool cats
And not a passing faze

The Continental was Astaire-ish
He also danced the Twirl
Square Dancing somewhat square-ish
For Fred and Ginger girl

What about the Fox Trot
The two step was it’s making
People Waltzed around a lot
And some went Hula shaking

The Boogy Woogy couldn’t lose
It had that blue-sy feeling
The Boogy Woogy’s swinging blues
Had all of Harlem reeling

And last, but not at all the least
We have the grand Ballet
There is no grander dancing feast
It’s like a steak’s filet

Ballerinas up on toes
So beautifully enthralling
They are the dancing super-pros
Fulfilling their dance calling

With beauty and with grace
They perform their ballet sculpture
We’re so lucky to embrace
This addition to dance culture

Dancing is such fun
In ballrooms or the street
It’s for everyone
Who have two dancing feet

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Comments (6)

Cold witches of the elementary tease Balanced on the horn of a supposed desire... Trees shed their leaves like some of these.....impressive lines. Beautiful poem.
Their cherry-ripe hullo brims the open purse Of eyes washed white by the marmoreal light; So swaying as if on pyres they go. very good poem. tony
Of the elementary tease! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Those lines are awesome, I keep reading again and again. It is so teasing. Nice piece
Strip tease, what an interesting poem
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