Strippers, Sluts And Sex Goes On...

Emotional disparity in robes
Robes adorned and glamoured.
Women in garment bright
Stripped to lingerie in cold
as they shiver.

What do they really ask for?
Just a couple of dimes? ?
Goes to tatters their purity.
Shattered their cover of
Blessed virginity.

Destitute, desirous of
such bold encounters having
no dignity and looped in
their cocoon of ranks.
Lust savagely inane.

A woman that pulls her clothes down
Her mates giving upon them control
to men they don't know.
For money matters to them.
Not any shred of humility shown.

But it's not the woman
Who should be condoned
Society makes her do so.
We certainly know not how much
she had cried or moaned.

The names our 'beloved chumps'
call them out in open
are not worthy of their credence
nor suitable for their
gender in preposition.

They were once like us
Walking the streets free
Until fate tyranny brought
them to such a state
desired heinous and filthy.

But who cares? ?
As the life goes on.
The cycle perpetuates
and things are
forgotten for long...

by Mr. M Jamal

Comments (2)

Sad that woman have to be demoralized, in this day and age...Their bodies torture and their souls weakened. Your poem is a lesson in life, that far to many woman have had to learn the hard way. I wish for them all, education, appreciation and the very basic core of human rights. PEACE
Well, we all know that prostitution is the oldest profession of mostly immoral women. A nice and well articulated piece of poetry, penned with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. ➕9