Striving For Harmony

Oh discord where do you reside?
Why choose this heart to hide
and ring your cracked bell
with crooked clapper
that hits the silence with a ringing
of fraught hands.

Oh why choose to stay here
did I invite you in in?
You say I did
and that I was most keen!

But now I feel my heart will burst
with fragments of sound
full of doubts that so unsure
lead me to darkest shores.

Discord please go
and leave sweet harmony behind.
What is that you say?
It is harmony I strive for
only through knowledge of you!

And without discord
where is strife
but consumed in harmony.
How did I forget,
and why argue?

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

A wonderful poem David, evokes the harmony all of us seek!
This is a very well written piece, lovely read! Thank you.