Striving For Rain

Poem By Sam Burton

I wake up with the thought of him again
Racing through every pathway in my head
Anxious just to see him again
Maybe today he'll smile again
Maybe its the day he'll let me in
Or am I just chasing rain?

He's hiding underneath a dark black lens
He greets me with his soft and warming 'hi'
A beautiful creation and a delicate design
Mixed with a jaded sense of being
Worn out and fumbled feelings
He's cracked
Been cracked at the seams
Sometimes I see him bleeding
But he's quick to cover the scars
Why do I push so hard?
Am I loosing the rain?

He pours a river of words while stirring
his fresh served drink
He leaks, when he speaks
through expressions I watch
his heart sink
I'm sensing and am confident to predict
a rather convincing and devastating overcast
God knows how long it will last
Can I control the direction of his candle?
Am I able to handle the rain?

Who's burning his stage?
What kind of war can be waged?
I'd dance through his hell gladly
for a chance to fall madly
in love with this person
who's scared to make a brand new start
who's plagued by the girl who broke his heart
I want to ease the pain
I need to seize the rain

Comments about Striving For Rain

I like your choice of saying 'loose the rain' instead of 'loosening the rain.' It flows well and sounds also like 'lose the rain'-a whole different interpretation. And then you give it a perfect resolution in the last line with 'seize the rain.' Nicely done poem.

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