Poem By Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

Mental pressure has caused a severe stroke,
in the hospital bed he is struggling for his life,
it will be better if he dies...
All this occurred because of his wife.

The lady has a nasty character.
He wanted to give her a lesson
but she blackmailed him in a diplomatic way,
he was in trap- this affected his brain.

The lady is enjoying in a resort now,
she has not come to see her hubby.
The poor man has a bad luck.
What can justice do? Let's see!

The doctors are trying their best.
The nurses are keeping proper vigilance.
Treatment, medicine and bed will never betray for money like his wife...
Trust has lost patience!

Comments about Stroke

A sad reality of life. Deeply touching and poignant write. Well presented and crafted.
Love has many meanings colorful, varieties only true lover knows sometimes knows not but when it comes as Iust then there keeps growing up the mental pressure without mutual understanding there breaks down the relation there begins the hatred phase of life- sometimes death comes pathetically there
So sad! It is so difficult to live a peaceful life, without mistrust and treachery from the near and dear ones! The few who successfully end their life living with a compatible partner, are truly Blessed!

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