DO (July 06,1992 / Ilorin, kwara state, Nigeria)

Strolling Round The Edges Of Life

Strolling round the edges of life,
seeing men saddled with strife.
On a hill, sat a winged boy,
and he gave me this piece of joy:

"Every man is a bit of God,
a piece of paradise, a little god.
God has given the earth to man,
and has made him His master plan.

Each soul is a token of grace,
a piece of wonder to bedeck this place.
All of men are a summary of heaven,
little sparks from God to engulf this mortal haven."

As he unveiled this wondrous light,
my heart leaped in stunning delight.
This winged boy laughed out loud,
as he said, ascending with a cloud:

"The eyes of man have benighted his soul;
As much as he sees, is a little of his whole.
The eye of the mind is the key to his freedom;
As far as it sees, is the wonder of wisdom."

Paradise is hidden in every mind,
the earlier we seek, the sooner we find.
As I saw, my pen did write-
a friend of my will to share this light.

David O. Olusanya

by David Olusanya

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