CB (05/23 / Illinois)

Strong And Black

It’s not coffee that we want,
but a strong black man so we can flaunt
him through the city and through the streets givin’
everyone a chance to meet this empowered brotha,
a fantastic find, someone who’s there to devote quality time.

He knows the value of his African queen,
his counterpart, his woman supreme.
Like a diamond in the rough, a gentle caress is not enough
to make his gem sparkle and shine,
he adds support, respect and love over time.

Oh brotha, my brotha it’s so good to see
a strong, black man with his family.
Raising his children with guidance and love
and teaching the fundamentals of our God above.
Prayers, blessings and walking with faith,
and many tales of God’s benevolent grace.

Yes, sweet man, it’s you I’m talking about.
We need more like you, without a doubt.
So teach the little ones all you know
about the strength and confidence they’ll need to grow
into a strong black man just like yourself
who’s not dependent on anyone else.

We don’t say it as often as we should,
be we love you brotha for the good
and honesty you bring to our life,
helping sistas through trouble and strife.

So I speak for all the sistas when I say,
it’s not hot beverages we need to start our day.
What we need is what we lack,
more men like yourself
who are strong and black.

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